137 Best AI Finance Tools in 2024

Best AI Finnace tools for accounting and investing. Create better portfolios and save more than ever. Curated list of tools to improve your finance


Candy AI 4.9

Price: $5.99

Chat with AI companions on Candy AI. Create your own characters and enjoy immersive and personalized AI chats.

AI Finance

AccountingSolver AI 4.5

Price: $5.00

AccountingSolver AI - Analyze and solve accounting problems with AI.

AI Finance

Tendi AI 4.8

Price: Free

Tendi AI - Personal AI financial advisor designed to help users set financial goals and plan budgets.

AI Finance

FinanceGPT 4.1

Price: $0.00

FinanceGPT - Improved financial analysis and valuable insights.

AI Finance

Humaans AI 4.6

Price: $7.00

Humaans AI - Drive efficiency and focus on what matters with Humaans AI.

AI Finance

Vektor 4.1

Price: $0.00

Vektor - Finance management and waitlist optimized.

AI Finance

Proxy 4

Price: $0.00

Proxy - Energy efficient home upgrades for finance.

AI Finance

Fynt 4.9

Price: $0.00

Fynt - Corporate financial task automation and insights.

AI Finance

BeatandRaise 4.3

Price: $31.40

BeatandRaise - Financial market research with natural language queries.

AI Finance

QuillAI 4.2

Price: $39.00

QuillAI - Financial research assistant for investors

AI Finance

Kick 4.1

Price: $19.90

Kick - Automated financial analysis for bookkeeping & insights.

AI Finance

OTO work 4.5

Price: $6.00

OTO work - Automated workflow for freelancer finances & management.

AI Finance

Streamlined Finance 4.2

Price: $19.00

Streamlined Finance - Find the best stocks to invest in with modern research tools.