37 Best Discord AI Tools in 2024

Discord is a versatile platform for voice, video, and text communication. It’s great for gaming, chatting with friends, and building communities.


Candy AI 4.9

Price: $5.99

Chat with AI companions on Candy AI. Create your own characters and enjoy immersive and personalized AI chats.

AI Audio

Brainrot Translator 4.1

Price: $5.00

Brainrot Translator: Transform media into surreal, absurdist "skibidi" format.

AI Video

Infinity AI 4.8

Price: Free

Infinity AI - Type a script. Get a movie out.

AI Video

Clipy 0

Price: Free

Clipy - AI-powered video search for instant, relevant timestamps.

18+ AI

Kajiwoto AI 4.2

Price: $7.23

Kajiwoto AI: Create AI characters and chat with them, focusing on family-friendly content and banning explicit content.

18+ AI

SnapDress 4.5

Price: Free

SnapDress: AI-powered tool for personalized outfit ideas and undressing.

18+ AI

Digi AI 4.7

Price: $12.00

Digi AI Girlfriend: Customize, chat, and enjoy lifelike interaction.

AI Cryptos

Dash 2 Trade 0

Price: Free

Dash 2 Trade offers advanced crypto analytics and trading tools, with unique signals and automated bots for strategic trading

18+ AI

OnlyNSFW AI 4.5

Price: $4.97

Custom AI adult content with OnlyNSFW.ai's advanced tools.

18+ AI

Elyza 4.5

Price: $14.99

Elyza.app: Fantasy conversations with anime-style AI chatbots.

18+ AI

OnlyChar AI 4.5

Price: $12.00

OnlyChar - Immersive AI role-play for creative, uncensored chat.

18+ AI

FapAI App 4.4

Price: $12.99

Fapai.app: Interact with AI chatbots & avatars.

AI Coding

Trag 4.2

Price: $3.99

Trag: AI-powered code review tool for efficient collaboration.