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Get Certified by Google Cloud as a Professional Cloud Architect

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Get Certified by Google Cloud as a Professional Cloud Architect. Professional Cloud architect certification proves that you have the knowledge of all of the core Google Cloud Platform services and expertise on how to design and architect solutions on Google Cloud.

This guide helps you to prepare for the Professional Cloud Architect Exam.


Before getting into the exam preparation let’s understand about the exam structure and format.

Certification NameProfessional Cloud Architect
Question FormatMultiple Select and Multiple Choice
Registration Fee200 USD
Validity2 Years
Exam LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Spanish, Portugese
Age requirementEU: 16 +, Others: 13 +
Case StudiesMountkirk Games, Dress4Win, TerramEarth


You should be familiar with the below topics before you take the exam.

  • Design and plan a cloud solution architecture
  • Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure
  • Design for security and compliance
  • Analyze and optimize technical and business processes
  • Manage implementations of cloud architecture
  • Ensure solution and operations reliability
 Professional Cloud Architect Objectives

Exam Techniques

For passing the Professional Cloud Architect Exam it’s a;so necessary to know the techniques and hints in the exam.

  • 60% questions are from Case Studies ( 20% from Compute Services, 40% other direct scenario based).
  • 40% questions are scenario based.

So review the case study before you take the exam. All of the case studies will have some issues and you need to design a solution for them.

In some case studies they ask for a specific solution and in some they ask for, What you can do? So you need to propose a solution as a Cloud Architect.

Key Items to know

Before you take the exam you should know the below listed products of Google Cloud Platform.

  • Compute
  • Storage & Database
  • Networking
  • Auto scaling
  • IAM and Security
  • Management – Logging and Monitoring
  • Developer tools
  • BigData

Exam Tips

  • 60 questions in 2 hours (You can complete the exam in 45 min)
  • Check your readiness here.
  • Don’t panic
  • Case Studies – Study them and know them.

I’m hoping that these tips will help you pass the exam. Please let me know if anything else should be added to this list.

Good luck!

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