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Host a Website for FREE on Google Cloud Storage

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Host a Website for FREE on Google Cloud Storage. If you are having a static website with only HTML, CSS, JS and Images, you don’t need a web server. You can upload your website files to Google Cloud Storage and make your website live within 5 minutes.

In this guide you are going to learn how to host a website on Google Cloud Storage.

5 Steps to Set Up Static Website

  • Have your Domain name registered
  • Create a Google Cloud Account
  • Verify Domain ownership
  • Point your Domain to Cloud Storage
  • Set up website

I assume you already have your domain name and your Google Cloud account. Let’s proceed to verify you are the owner of your domain.

Verify Domain Ownership

Google Cloud Storage uses the Domain name provider method in the Search Console to verify domain ownership. So go to your webmaster search console and Add a Property for your domain name.Point your Domain to Cloud Storage

Point your Domain to Cloud Storage

To point your domain to Cloud Storage you need to create a CNAME record pointing to

Go to your Domain’s DNS settings and click Add record and select CNAME

In the Name enter www

In the Points to enter

Save the record

Set up website

Create Google Cloud Storage Bucket

Go to your Google Cloud Console and navigate to Storage.

Click Create Bucket.

In Name enter your domain name (

In Default storage class choose Multi-regional

In Location select your nearest location

Click Create

Create Storage Bucket

Update Permissions

Go to Permissions tab in your bucket and click Add Members.

In Members enter allUsers

In Roles select Storage Object Viewer

Click Add

Set bucket permissions

Now your bucket is visible to public.

Upload Website Files

Now you can upload your website files to your bucket.

Upload Files

Update Website Configuration

Go to Storage and click the 3 dots to the right of your bucket name and click Edit website configuration.

In Main page enter your main html filename (index.html)

You can also add the Error page

Website Configuration setup

Click Save

Once your DNS is propagated globally you can view your website ( and confirm as expected.

Live Website

By default, your website is only accessible with HTTP, if you want to enable HTTPS you can refer this guide.

We hope this guide helps you to get your website hosted on Google Cloud Storage.


  1. Hey,

    What is the reason to update the permissions for everyone to see? Isn’t that a security breach? Can’t people access the codes of our website?

    • Without public access the web page cannot be see over internet. Also we have enabled only read access. So there won’t be any security breach.

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