How to Setup DNS in Kinsta Managed Hosting – Route 53

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How to Setup DNS in Kinsta Managed Hosting with Amazon Route 53 DNS service.

Kinsta premium DNS uses Amazon’s Route 53 DNS management for managing DNS. This guide shows you how to get the benefits of AWS DNS service by setting up and configuring it through Kinsta.


  1. A Kinsta account to setup your brand new WordPress or migrate your website.
  2. Create your site in Kinsta

Setup Kinsta DNS

To setup Kinsta DNS go to your Kinsta console and navigate to Kinsta DNS.

Kinsta DNS

Click Add your first domain

Enter your domain name and click Add domain

Kinsta Route 53

Now a set of nameservers will be created for your domain.

You can update these nameservers at your domain registrar.

Once you have updated the nameservers you can manage all your DNS records from Kinsta DNS.

Point your Domain to Kinsta

Now take note of your IPv4 address from the Site details page.

Kinsta Site Details

Next step is to point your domain to Kinsta managed server by creating a A record.

Click Manage next to your domain name to add your DNS records.

Kinsta Add DNS record

Click Add the first DNS record

Add DNS Record

In Type select A

In Hostname you can leave it blank.

In IPv4 address enter the IP address you have noted from the Site details page.

Click Add DNS record

Create a CNAME record for www

Again click Add a DNS record

In Type select CNAME

In Hostname enter www

In Points to enter your domain name (

Click Add DNS record

Now your Domain name is pointed to Kinsta Managed server and your DNS is managed by AWS Route 53 by Kinsta.

Kinsta DNS records setup

The DNS propagation takes around 4 hours to complete. Once the DNS is propagated you can visit your domain name in the browser to see your installation.


Now you have learned how to setup Amazon Route 53 DNS using Kinsta and point your domain name to Kinsta server.

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