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Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS – Google Cloud

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Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS – Google Cloud. MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database written in C++. This guide gives you a great understanding on installing and setting up MongoDB on Google Cloud Platform.


Up and running Compute Engine, see the Setting up Compute Engine Instance.

Install MongoDB

Once you have your Compute Engine Instance up and running you can start installing MongoDB by updating the packages list.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y mongodb

Now MongoDB server will get installed. Once the installation is completed the database server will start automatically.

Verify Installation and Connection

Now you can verify the status of your installation by the following command.

sudo systemctl status mongodb

This command gives an output similar to this.

● mongodb.service - An object/document-oriented database
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/mongodb.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: active (running) since Mon 2018-12-31 04:55:05 UTC; 59s ago
Docs: man:mongod(1)
Main PID: 2685 (mongod)
Tasks: 23 (limit: 667)
CGroup: /system.slice/mongodb.service
└─2685 /usr/bin/mongod --unixSocketPrefix=/run/mongodb --config /etc/mongodb.conf
Dec 31 04:55:05 mongo systemd[1]: Started An object/document-oriented database.

You will see the status as Active: active (running)

Now the database server is running and you can check the connection to MongoDB.

mongo --eval 'db.runCommand({ connectionStatus: 1, showPrivileges: true})'

You will see the output with "ok" : 1. This means your connection is successful.

MongoDB shell version v3.6.3
connecting to: mongodb://
MongoDB server version: 3.6.3
        "authInfo" : {
                "authenticatedUsers" : [ ],
                "authenticatedUserRoles" : [ ],
                "authenticatedUserPrivileges" : [ ]
        "ok" : 1

MongoDB Service Commands

You can start, stop, enable, disable, restart using the following commands.

Start MongoDB

sudo systemctl start mongodb

Stop MongoDB

sudo systemctl stop mongodb

Enable MongoDB

sudo systemctl enable mongodb

Disable MongoDB

sudo systemctl disable mongodb

Restart MongoDB

sudo systemctl restart mongodb

Now MongoDB database is installed on Ubuntu 18.04 on Google Cloud Platform successfully.

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