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Set up HTTPS for Google Cloud Storage Static Website

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Set up HTTPS for Google Cloud Storage Static Website. In this guide you are going to learn how to set up SSL for your custom domain on GCP.


Your website is accessible on internet using your domain name. (

Learn how to host a Website for FREE on Google Cloud Storage

FREE HTTPS with Cloudflare

If your website traffic is routed through Cloudflare, you can get your site loaded with HTTPS.

Create an account at Cloudflare

Once you have your Cloudflare account click Add Site

Enter your Domain name and click Add Site

Add site in Cloudflare

Now Cloudflare will automatically query your existing DNS records and import them for you.

DNS import

Click Next

Select a plan (FREE is enough)

Choose your plan

Click Confirm Plan

Now you can see your imported DNS records.

Verify DNS records

Click Continue

Now update the nameservers for your Domain with the provided nameservers.

Update Nameservers

Once done click Continue

Once your DNS is propagated globally your site will become active.

Activate HTTPS

  • Go to Crypto tab
  • Scroll down a little and turn on Always use HTTPS
  • Next turn on Automatic HTTPS rewrites
  • Now try to access your website, you should see your website loaded with HTTPS.

Now your website is accessible through HTTPS using Cloudflare.

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