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Google Generative AI Search: How to Activate AI Overviews

The future of search with Google Generative AI Overview Search, where AI does the heavy lifting to bring you streamlined...

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Nvidia VILA: Future of Visual Language Intelligence and Edge AI 2.0

Explore Nvidia VILA’s role in advancing Edge AI 2.0 and visual language intelligence, shaping the future of tech.

MAI-1: Microsoft’s New AI Model to Rival Google and OpenAI

MAI-1, Microsoft’s groundbreaking AI model poised to challenge Google and OpenAI in the tech arena.

Paramanu-Ganita: A Math Model that Surpasses LLaMa, Falcon, and PaLM

Witness the rise of Paramanu-Ganita, the math model that’s proving to be more robust and versatile than LLaMa, Falcon, and...

Top 7 AI Citation Generators for Academic and Professional Writing

AI citation generators can help you create accurate and easy references for your papers.